Titanfall Beta Gameplay Video | Ben on PC

Titanfall: Beta Gameplay

We enjoy playing, writing and talking about Titanfall here at FPS Profs. This time we have a little video for you. Enjoy!

Watch as I, Ben, resident PC gamer here at FPS Profs enjoy a game of Hardpoint Domination on Angel City in the Titanfall Beta.  I went 20-5 in this bad boy and really had a blast in this game. If you’re aspiring to fill a slayer role and still juggle some objective work, then this gameplay is for you! In this video, I show why it’s important to control the high ground and maintain a clear visual on main objective points and enemy spawns. Hope you all enjoy! (Sorry about the lack of audio. It somehow became corrupted during the youtube upload).

What did you think of my gameplay?  Do you have something better to show us? Submit your links below in the comments section or shoot us an email with the link and we will feature you in our next post.

Ben Sizemore

I've had a controller in my hands ever since my cousin introduced me to Super Mario Bros and Tecmo Bowl for NES.The first FPS I encountered was Goldeneye for the N64, but I really started to get into the genre with the Halo series.This lead me into the Call of Duty series where I really delved into the competitive gaming scene and have been ever since.

Currently obsessed with all things Titanfall!

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